Tuesday, January 31, 2012


When we decided to hold a drawing competition for youngsters as well as elders, little did I think that this small event could make such a big difference in the confidence level of some participants..the elders, to be precise. The winner, an art graduate was sans her skills since her marriage and was just raising the kids. That day, when we dragged her to the venue and I handed her the blank white sheath, she was clueless and asking for help...but then she came up with an idea which she named  'The Ray of Happiness'. The painting had two full bloomed plumeria with bright yellow color on a melancholic black backdrop.What an apt name it was as I could see her tear filled eyes beamed with the 'ray' as she painted.....and I was beaming as I could see so many happy faces around playing with my love....THE COLORS.

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