Thursday, April 16, 2015

Of Gayan-bayan and Poong Cholom

 The 'khol' or the drum players are the inevitable part of Assam's 'Naam-kirtan' as well as classical 'Sattriya nritya'. The pristine attire of the khol players add to the beautiful beats and are a treat to the soul.
Ever since my childhood, I am fascinated by Manipuri drum beaters....with their pristine fine white 'uttariya' flowing in the air in accordance to their beats, they are a treat to the ears as much to the eyes...I wonder how they manage to synchronise their acrobatic movements to the rhythm of their drum which they call 'khol' or 'poong'. These works of mine are a tribute to them.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Trance, a state of mind, a state I achieve when I'm with my canvas and colors, a state when I shut myself down from my surroundings, a state which takes me to a world known only to me, a state, to be , myself, a state of trance...and in my trance, I have this beautiful dream....